Published on Circulatory system.

This is an inflammation of the pericardium (a sac covering the heart and the roots of the major blood vessels), of the myocardium (muscle responsible for pumping the heart) and of the endocardium (inner layer of the heart). Pan means total.

In this case, we are in the presence of someone who is totally unable to deal with his emotions and who feels profoundly wounded by somebody close, either the partner or the family.

Emotions provoke changes in the heart.

Anything that involves passion, emotion in the relationship, takes place in the heart. It is the symptom of love, of passing flirts. “He broke my heart! I feel as if he torn my heart out. My heart is jumping up and down.”

However, when the individual controls his natural emotions like, fears, joys, passions, sadness, envies (in other words, when he allows his mental process, his brain, to stop the flow of natural emotions), then problems arise. The mind starts taking control over these natural emotions, thanks to beliefs or any other type of rules that the person imposes on himself, either in a conscious or unconscious form. In fact, when Cartesian thinking intervenes, the heart gets unregulated (and other organs too).

The person who suffers from a heart condition does not accept nor live with his emotions. He is a very yang person, has a very masculine behaviour, he is a fighter.

He has long-term emotional problems that he does not face up to, he lacks happiness, and believes in the need for effort and stress. All of these constitute good ingredients that lead to heart problems.

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