Published on Epidemics.

Outbreak is another word for epidemics


Published on Epidemics.

Here, we are talking at the level of the collective unconscious.

Epidemics, outbreaks, are the result of the collective conscience of the herd. Outbreaks are very archaic things, from immemorial times, and that have the function of separating the wheat from the shaft. In nature, epidemics are useful for the survival of the species. They are a “divine” tool that separates the wheat from the shaft. The shaft is appropriate for recycling and the wheat can be stored and eaten.

Cholera, plague, always had the purpose of separating humankind. Of course the human beings of today cannot find a moral reason in this.

In the collective unconscious, some carry the seed of the wheat (and they will remain and continue) and the others are the shaft (and they will be recycled). Of course the human mind does not find this ethical. But it is dual, hence, natural, although not acceptable by the majority of people. (This notion is very much linked to the planetary co-creation which will be one of the subjects in my blog).

Any form of outbreak is a biological separation. The herd is the object of epidemics, not the individual. It is the collective brain that is gripped by collective disease.

One should note that, nowadays, there are many holocausts on the planet. They are signs we are entering a new era, a new collective way of thinking. Some call it the Age of the Aquarius. It may be called anything. We are right at the core of an epidemic. The human collective conscience needs to change dramatically. And new and old phenomena come up and become recurrent: Wars, risk of pandemics, the chronic sadness of populations all over the world and the invasions by certain types of animals, in their millions, plagues that decimate whole portions of some countries.

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