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Before we start, lets remember that obesity has nothing to do with cellulite.

Obesity is characterized by excessive fat in several parts of the body. Cellulite (or adiposity) is characterized by excessive subcutaneous cellular fat circumscribed to certain parts of the body. Cellulite occurs at the level of the dermis.

Fat is also a reserve and a means to protect sugar levels, the person’s identity. Fat represents values and beliefs. Obesity is, above all, a mental issue, a question of beliefs.

What prevents the obese person from losing weight is that he first looks at what he would like to be, instead of looking at what he is. First, we need to accept ourselves as we are. One needs to accept the image conflict, the conflict of appearance. It is necessary to love everything about oneself. To vibrate a genuine vibration

For example, a fat person whose competence is acknowledged starts to lose weight. Why not start with oneself?

There are several causes for obesity:

First cause: Feeling of abandonment. The person has to make himself seen in order to be noticed.

This may happen after a separation that the person has felt as abandonment. “He (she) left me, I feel abandoned.” It should be pointed out that the separation was provoked by just one of the parts, and, for this reason, it qualifies as abandonment, as the separation was not caused by both. “I was not important to him (her)”! This makes the person put on weight (it may have nothing to do with bulimia). These people are the spherical obese, very quick and speedy, who run very fast. They want to be seen!

Watch out, separation has nothing to do with obesity. Separation shows on the skin, whereas obesity is associated to the feeling of abandonment.

Second cause: Fear of loss (this is when the liver comes in). Here we have Bulimia (an anxious need to build up reserves). This may be due to lack of love. The person fills himself up to fulfil a need. The person has the illusion of filling in the void in his love through intake of food.

If these people are women, they put on weight mostly on the female parts and on the legs. If they are men, they put on weight especially on the shoulders and on the scapular waist (shoulders, neck). This is symptomatic of men who fear losing their force, their territory. They are afraid of losing their resources. This could be from a sexual perspective. See addiction.

Third cause: To impress the opponent. The day I get to be like the elephant, no one will bother me anymore. I swell up so much that I finally get respected. To earn other person’s respect. Cats do this.

Body builders are amongst these people. This is not necessarily about fat, but it could be. This is more the muscles that are absolutely filled with water. They end up getting covered by fat. Here we are talking about the ultimate need to defend oneself from the enemy.

Curiously, these people’s shoulder blades (the area of the heart and of emotions) are very delicate. As a matter of fact, this type of obesity is typical of people who need to demonstrate a lot of outer force because they feel major vulnerability inside and because they have some difficulty dealing with relationships and emotions.

Fourth cause: Material success (cultural). People with large stomachs and hanging bellies exemplify this. Suspenders sustain and ensure the image of success. It is a cultural thing.

People who are afraid of the future typically have elephant legs (extremely fat legs). They prefer to stand still. Their mothers always told them to be very careful.

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