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The newly born is another word for Babies


Published on Reproductive system.

Babies, people, are born out of a parental project (conscious and unconscious) as a result of fecundation. A baby incarnates a human being, and his birth gives a purpose to the parents’ project.

The new-born child, like the baby who is still in his Mother’s womb, is totally linked to his parents, his makers, particularly to the Mother. The physical and psychological symptoms that fetuses, new-born babies and infants experience, until they are about six, seven years old, are fruit of the relationship they have with their parents. During this period, these human beings feel everything that happens to their parents, through their intuition. Consequently, they transform the tension they experience in the relationship each of the parents has with them into a physical symptom. They also do it regarding the relationship each of the parents has with each other. And the same applies to the relationship each of the parents has with him or herself, in the way each parent assumes his or her own emotions, tensions, conflicts and self-esteem.

Babies do not speak a language parents can understand. For this reason, they express themselves through physical symptoms.

Thus, in the face of any symptom experienced by a child of any of these ages (fetus, new-born, six or seven year old), it is necessary to understand what is going on, or happened to the parents before the child’s symptom manifested itself. Babies’ illnesses are a produce of what was going on in their parents’ heads at the time of conception or throughout pregnancy.

If the Mother kept thinking about burns, then the baby may keep on burning himself.

For instance, if the parents only wanted a sexual relation without love, that is to say, if the child was conceived at a separation moment, the child is likely to suffer from eczema (skin problems).

A baby who is prone to ear infections is a baby who was hit by what he heard from his parents. A baby who goes deaf is a baby who protected himself from what he heard from his parents, thus generating deafness.

There are new-born and young babies who suffer from ear infections, young children who have myopia, nearsightedness, new-borns with a heart or liver condition, etc. In any symptom shown by six or seven year old children, one should always look out for the organ that was touched and the relationship between the parents.

The word bear (the animal) in latin comes from urs, which in turn comes from Uranus, which means light. The bear is thus the symbol of light. This is the reason children are given teddy bears when they go to bed, so that they can go to sleep with a symbol of light.

Throughout pregnancy, the baby is connected to the mother’s emotions for nine months. It is very important to respect the woman’s gestation period and to stop thinking that it must be a very active and yang period.

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