Nervous breakdown

Published on Nervous system.

A nervous breakdown is typical of a person who has great mental rigidity, wants to do things his way, and would like for all others to do as he pleases. Obviously, that does not happen and the person wears himself out as a result of inglorious efforts. This person lacks humility and is extremely controlling, wants to take care of everything. His true desire is to let go of everything because he can no longer stand it, and to isolate himself. And, in fact, he ends up isolated, in depression, unable to see anyone, and in rest. If the person is a woman, it is likely that she does not get along with her husband. The fact that she does not get along with the male model she lives with probably extends itself to the relationship with her boss at work, whether that person is a man or woman. The boss function is a masculine function, yang. This type of breakdown occurs much more frequently in women. If it happens to a man, it is necessary to find out his idea of male role model. Perhaps it is his Father.

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