Published on Urinary system.

Nephritis is an inflammation of kidneys.


Published on Urinary system.

All substances entering the human body do so through the blood. Kidneys act like a filter. They need to be able to distinguish toxic from non-toxic substances and what needs to be retained from what needs to be eliminated. An initial filtering operation of the kidneys (like a mechanical sieve) retains albumin. Albumin will not pass through the holes of this initial sieve, so it stays behind, which is good for the body. The second filtering operation aims to retain the body’s vital salts, on which the balance between acids (yang) and alkaline (yin) substances depends on (the blood’s PH), and to push urine towards the bladder. The kidneys’ purpose is to filter the blood, and to remove variable amounts of waters and organic and inorganic substances from it. This way, it maintains the balance of the composition and volume of liquids in the body.

The kidney is the organ associated to the essential structures of the human body. In fact, the kidneys produce the eritropoetin hormone, which stimulates bone marrow to produce red cells.

The balance between vital needs and the need to explore the world is located in the kidneys, as well as the need to structure and balance out constraints.

The urinary system gets rid of residual waters and the large bowel empties organic matter.

The subterranean waters of the body are deeply connected to ancestral memories. Fecundity, childbirth, memory of the clan. In other words, they are linked to the effect that the clan and its descendents have on the person. Kidneys are closely related to the mission and life path of the person on earth. Kidneys regulate sleep and the person’s dreams.

Kidney patients absolutely need to know the thinking pattern of their families, parents, great grandparents and the latter’s parents (in short, the clan), namely in what regards life as a couple. Special attention should be paid to the life of the parental Grandfather on Earth, as well as to his ideas, paranoias, rigour, quest for perfection. The kidney patient needs to allow himself to reject the ideals and dogmatic paranoias that come to him through lineage and that have been disseminated by the children of a possessive clan, from generation to generation.

In this type of clan, the bringing of a child into the world is experienced as an epiphany and that person’s birth is loaded with meaning, particularly in what respects the relation between the biological Father and Mother. It is important that the kidney patient knows about his own birth and consequences.

The kidney patient hates the feeling of being trapped, with no way out, and the feeling that his beliefs and life are crumbling down. He is deeply afraid of profound changes.

In kidney cysts and cancer, like in kidney stones, sides are important, but not obvious. Both for left and right-handed people, the right kidney is the yang (masculine) kidney, and the left kidney is yin (feminine). However, there is no certainty about this.

In case of renal insufficiency, there is no yin/yang polarity.

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