Nail biting

Published on Skin excretions.

Nail biting is a condition of nails


Published on Skin excretions.

Hair, body fine hair and nails are skin excretions produced by a protein called keratin. All of these excretions have a protective role. Nails, body hair and hair are annexes of the skin.

Nails are to humans what claws are to animals. Nails have the purpose of holding and defending oneself. They are instruments of aggression. They have the purpose of protecting and attacking.

In the case of human beings, nail-related problems indicate difficulty to communicate. Nail biting indicates a prohibition to defend oneself and, above all, to attack someone. Biting shows that the person does not allow himself the right to be the predator. The nail bitter is castrating his aggressiveness. The person is afraid of his own aggressiveness and is unaware of this fact. “I am afraid to stick my claws out.” “Who is the person that the individual does not want to hurt?” The individual feels sorry for someone, but is unable to communicate with the person.

In the case of children and young people, they normally bite their nails because one of the parents strongly represses their behaviour. In other words, in their view, one of the parents is aggressive towards them, but they not feel allowed to show the same aggressiveness to that parent through simple communication. Therefore, the body shows the youngster that he is not respecting his aggressiveness.

Basically, this child does not respect himself and is afraid of hurting one of his parents through communication. However, this does not work well for him. He needs to acknowledge he is holding back his aggressiveness, whether it is regarding his parents, or a third person, which is rare. This third person could be a teacher or any of the child’s educators.

A parent who feels sorry about his child’s aggressive behaviour is inviting him to bite his nails.

This nail biting issue may also apply to the person who forbids himself from taking the lead, even if he is the leader.

To bite the ring finger nail means one is biting union. In other words, the person does not want to be aggressive towards the partner, possibly because he pities him or her.

Long nails indicate the person knows how to defend herself.

Polished nails indicate the person wants to look pretty and attractive.

Ingrown nails denote worry and concern about the person’s right to move forward. The person is violent with himself.

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