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Myeloma is a tumor, almost always malignant, which develops at the expense of the bone marrow.

Bone marrow

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When referring to bones, there are three levels.

The bone itself, the bone marrow and the periosteum (the membrane that lines the outer surface of bones). Bone marrow, particularly in long bones such as the sternum and the hip, is where the maturation of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets occurs. The cells and the platelets are directly associated with blood, that is, with the person’s identity. And this identity is in continuous evolution (maturation). It is in permanent movement. One may change the way he is!

These cells and the platelets change every one hundred and twenty days.

Therefore, what is at stake is our belonging to a lineage of ancestors and our identity as unique beings.

Bone marrow related problems denote maximum undervaluation conflict. The marrow represents one’s deepest beliefs regarding himself. It denotes the way a person looks after himself and finds support. The way the person deals with his strongest beliefs. It is where the capacity the person has to say no to his clan and family beliefs lies, because those beliefs are bad for him. Problems in this area reflect profound lack of self-esteem.

Myeloma (a tumor, almost always malignant, which develops at the expense of the bone marrow), multiple myeloma (the inner conflict, here, is very close to the leukaemia one) and leukaemia (blood cancer) are forms of cancer that have their origins in bone marrow.

These are typical of a person who allows himself to be vampirized by the family way of thinking and who believes that his family finds him worthless. A person who undervalues himself. He wants to be looked after as if he was a baby. However, he should not be spoiled, otherwise he will never take responsibility for his actions. This person should be helped so that he can feel valued. If we look after him as if he was a baby, we will be proving him right and reinforcing the undervaluation feeling he has about himself.

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