Mycosis fungoides

Published on Skin.

This is a malignant cutaneous lymphoma. Plaques and lymphocyte nodes penetrate the skin.

A lymphoma is a malignant cyst in the lymphatic ganglions and it occurs when a person feels tension related to the feeling of needing to defend and justify himself in order not to feel undervalued.

Therefore, a lymphoma is a tumor in the lymphatic ganglions. Although, technically, this problem is different from leukaemia, the tension that the person experiences at conscience level is the same: lack of self-esteem, dependence on the family, inability to distinguish what is good for him from what is harmful. The person allows himself to be judged by others. And he lets others (relatives or close people) lead his life. Besides having great difficulty in discerning what is good for him from what is harmful, the person also finds it difficult to move away from things (mostly from people) that squeeze her dry, act as parasites and disgust her.

It is vital to help this person become aware of the family beliefs that are not good for him. Some of these beliefs disgust him.

This problem, like in the case of leukaemia, is a paradox that becomes a vicious circle and which the person has great difficulty to acknowledge, and, consequently, to free himself from.

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