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Food is moistened and chewed inside the mouth, with the aid of teeth, tongue and salivary glands. This allows the alimentary bolus to be swallowed. This is the first stage of digestion.

The mouth, with its digestive role, is an entryway for food (nutrition) and also an exit for food (vomit). In its communication function, it is an exit for sounds and words, communication and expression of affection. In its breathing function, it allows us to inhale and exhale air. The mouth also has a sexual function. In fact, there is a great similarity between the lips of the mouth and the labia of the vagina.

Mouth infections reveal the things we do not wish to intake, in any form, or which we do not wish to try out in our lives.

When the mouth is at rest, it should be closed and relaxed. In short, the mouth indicates good receptivity to receive something.

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