Published on Isolated symptoms.

There is a tendency to distinguish migraines from headaches, in that migraines come with visual or digestive disturbances (vomit and diarrhea).

A migraine will vanish with orgasm. It is an emotional/sexual tension that was displaced to the head. The blockage that the person suffering from headache feels is connected with his inability to loosen up, to let his emotions surface, to live his impulses. Orgasm is a very strong emotional display. This person needs to learn how to loosen himself up in his daily life without it always being in bed, with a sexual partner.

The person who vomits also brings relief to the migraine. In this case, vomit is a relief for the person and the pain is alleviated too.

The migraine sufferer should pay more attention to emotions and stop being mind oriented and led by his Cartesian thinking, always weighting up the consequences.

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