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Meningitis can be of cerebral type, spinal type or cerebral-spinal type. Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges (meninges are the membranes that cover and protect the brain and the spinal chord. They are part of the body’s envelopes, the sacs that act as attack and defence mechanisms, particularly verbal attacks, from people who are close).

Meningitis causes fever, headache, motor and psychic disturbances. It may occur just in the encephalon, just in the spinal chord or in both. Meningitis indicates the person’s fear of not being sufficiently able (performer), from a brain perspective. The degree of exigency on the Father’s or Mother’s part is too high. Someone is ruthless with the person’s mistakes.

Meningial problems also reveal that someone disgusted the person, that something filthy happened to him. “This person disgusts me!” It is possible that this person feels angry. This is a symptom whose causes are related to the relationship with his Father, or with the male model he had or has.

Problems in the meninges show that the person felt assailed, attacked, not physically, but intellectually, by someone very close to him. One should first look at his relation with the Father. If not the Father, it will be someone who plays his role. It could be a very masculine Mother, or a Mother who is under the influence of her own father (the person’s maternal Grandfather).

The body takes upon itself to show what the person is feeling in his tension with the Father, or someone who plays the role of the father, and which he does not dare to think about or verbalize in a conscious manner. When I say the person has a problem with the Father, this could be because he does not see him as often as he would like, due someone forbidding it. It could also be the case of a child who is told horrible things about his Father and who, for this reason, feels harassed every time he is with him.

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