Published on Isolated symptoms.

This is caused by the bite of a mosquito (a female mosquito, so it seems) that lives in tropical or subtropical areas. The bite is followed by the development of parasites in the blood and in the internal organs, which slowly destroys the erythrocytes (red cells). The person has intermittent fevers, anaemia, swollen spleen and sometimes the liver also swells. In the first place, it must be pointed out that urban people, used to being far from the countryside and from natural life, may feel some form of unbalance regarding life in the wild and nature. This information prompts authorities to make preventing treatment for this type of mosquito bites compulsory for all those going to tropical and subtropical areas of the planet. Not everybody gets malaria when bitten by these mosquitoes in tropical zones. But some people do get malaria. The words that must be stressed here are bite and parasite.

When the person is regularly bitten by isolated insects, the body is showing him that he is hard on himself, that he needs to punish himself and that he probably feels guilty regarding little things. Being bitten by a swarm of mosquitoes is not the issue here. When this happens, everybody gets bitten.

If the urban person decided to go to a subtropical area infested by mosquitoes, where all urban people are bitten, he must be asked why on earth he went there. Why did he agree to a situation whereby he would be bitten? What is going on in this person’s life to make him need to be bitten?

When the person allows himself to be invaded by parasites, this reveals that the person is not centred, that there is no alignment between his inner and outer beings, and that, albeit in a non-conscious manner, he is handing out power to others. He is accepting that others control his life. He allows himself to be sucked by others. The person lacks self-esteem. He is incapable of saying No with assertiveness.

The person who catches malaria is, thus, the person who, for some reason, sought to go somewhere where he felt insecure. Above all, he did it out of little self-esteem. The person is not centred and is lacking assertiveness to say No, and has thus abdicated his personal power. Why? What is going on in this person’s life to make him annul himself in such a way?

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