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The lumbar means the lumbar vertebrae

Vertebrae - lumbar vertebrae

Published on Locomotor system.

This is a group of five vertebrae. They are the extension of the dorsal vertebrae and go from the L1 to the L5. They indicate the relationship I have with what I do. They are directly linked to root-related problems i.e., home, relationships, family, partner, affections, work and money, the place where I live, material issues, the home, space and mobility.

This takes us back to the bones. And bones form part of the locomotor system. The common denominator here is undervaluation. This is the undervaluation that the person feels, in the form of frustration, regarding everything that affects his roots. This is where the so-called pains on the back are. They are linked to our connection with the partner and what we do with matter. This is where our individual evolution and our relation with the world are kept. L1 shows our capacity for individualization. The person begins to get autonomous. He is capable of individual action. The weight of the family, clan, beliefs and society is all here. This is the acknowledgement of responsibility. “I am the anchor of a clan. Others depend on me. Will I be able to withstand it?”

L4 and L5 are affected when the person feels he is outside the family or the clan’s norms and feels worried about it.

The prominent inward curvature of a portion of the lumbar spine is called lordosis. This is when people have prominent abdomens. It indicates they have problems at home.


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