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The person is overloaded. Lumbago affects the lumbar area, just like sciatica, although the origin of sciatica is the compression of the sciatic nerve, which runs down the lower limbs.

However, from the perspective of a tension in the conscience, the cause for both is the same. Lumbago happens so that a person can stop to look at his own life.

It affects mostly intervertebral discs between L4-L5 or L5-S1. The person wants to present an image of greatness and diligence. The lumbar area is the place for tensions when it comes to the relationship with a partner, affection, family, work and money, material things, the house, space and mobility, the place where one lives. All things that represent a person’s roots. See Vertebrae – lumbar vertebrae.

The compression in the discs that lumbago causes means, in the physical sense, that the person shrinks instead of growing, and ends up with a bent spine.

From a practical point of view, lumbago means a compressed nerve in the lumbar area. Since nerves represent communication, lumbago reflects difficulty in communicating with someone, at home or work. If legs are affected, it is important to check which one is affected, because, in principle, the right side is yang, masculine, and the left side is yin, feminine, both for left and right-handed people. The affected yang side denotes communication problems with a man who is close to the individual, either at work or home, and the affected yin side indicates communication problems with a woman from home or with the biological Mother.

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