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Ligaments are the bandages of the joints.

We are referring here to the connection between two bones (the bone and the joint bone), not between the bone and the muscle, as in the case of tendons. When ligament problems occur, this indicates that the person is looking for the best position for his gesture and that, suddenly, the ligament blocks out. This is when torsion or ligament tearing arises.

We can also refer to torsion in a figurative way, when we bend rules, when we make a transgression regarding the group or the family, or “twist” our marriage.

Ligament tearing indicates lack of elasticity and it represents a rupture in one’s life. It is advisable to see in which part of the body the tearing took place. Underlying tension is associated to two keywords: inflexibility and undervaluation.

When a person has Loose ligaments, it means they were already present from birth. It means an anxious quest to be extremely efficient in the future. It has nothing to do with muscles. In this case, it is advisable to examine the relationship between the parents, and of each parent with the child. And also look at pregnancy (See Babies, Delivery, Pregnancy and Family).

Ligament problems occur more frequently in the knees and ankles. See these two joints.

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