Legs - from knee to foot

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This is the area in the lower limbs from the knee to the foot.

The sense of accomplishment extends from the knee to the foot (from the least to the most concrete). For this reason, the leg shows that, following our integration and acceptance of something we have, we need to implement it and make it part of the living style and way of living as far as work, the home, the geographical place we are, money, matter and contact with others is concerned.

Elephant legs (extremely fat) are characteristic of people who are afraid of the future. They would rather stay inactive. The mothers of these people kept telling them to be extremely careful.

Problems in the legs can take place in the muscles (shin), the bones (tibia or fibula) or on the skin. Skin problems denote a tension related to separation or communication difficulties. Muscle problems indicate lack of mental flexibility and undervaluation. Bone related problems show strong undervaluation. “I am not good at this. I am not worth much when it comes to this.” It indicates lack of assertiveness.

There is no absolute yin/yang polarity in the locomotor system according to the affected sides. The tension that is felt is related to undervaluation and inflexibility, independently of the side of the body that is affected. Nevertheless, it can be said, a priori, that in relational matters, the right side is yang, masculine and the left side is yin, feminine. This applies both to right and left-handed people. There are no certainties, though. Depending on the time of lesion, it is advisable to read Bones, Muscles or Skin.

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