Legs as lower limbs

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Legs ensure mobility, flexibility, activity and firmness.

The lower limbs play a vital role in the locomotor system. They allow us to walk, run, jump, change direction and take roots on Earth.

They are the foundations of our body and the extension of the hips. The hip is the main joint of the lower limbs. The legs start at the hip, and they are part of the yin axis, the feminine axis, the axis of femininity, symbolised by the Mother. The person’s verticality starts at the hip and legs. This is where one goes from being quadruped to biped.

The legs reveal the relationship with autonomy and the capacity for internal and external mobility. They show the person’s determination as the one responsible for his own life project. A project that has foundations!

The sense of accomplishment flows from the hip to the foot (from the least to the most concrete).

Tensions in the lower limbs are tensions in the relationship with the world or with other people. Lower limbs allow us to walk in the direction of others. They have a very obvious social meaning. They are also a good tool when we need to escape. They allow us to run. This is where the problems related to our roots are located. These problems are connected to the biological Mother, work, material accomplishment, money, home, the partner, and the place where we live, in short, to the roots. Actually, the legs are what connect us to the earth. This is where the quality of practical accomplishments is measured. What I think of myself and what I am doing in the world.

Our relationship with what we have is placed in the legs.

Look out for the area of the lower limb that has been affected.

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