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When we are asleep, life is as real as when we are awake. While we are asleep, we return to the source, to our essence, to the “I”, our soul, our spirit, our inner self. Call it what you will. In fact, while we sleep, while we dream, we are connected to our intuition. In our sleep, whether we accept it or not, there are movies which are as real as our lives. Here, sincerity expels the lies and the person is confronted with his truth, his honesty, and his essence.

The lack of desire to face certain conflicts in our lives is betrayed by nocturnal restlessness. Suddenly we have answers, insights, which do not fit in with our daily life. Our ego wakes us up, does not allow us to get back to sleep, for fear that we may face the truth. The ego does not want to stop thinking.

During the day, the majority of people stimulate their ego, its masculine side, and its left cerebral hemisphere, which is Cartesian, logical, and intellectual. In an effort to live consciously, they think about what is well and ignore what is not. At night, we see the flip side of the coin: people have access to the unconscious, the irrational, feelings, intuition, and death. We recognize what we turned off during the day.

Between two and four in the morning, the body returns to its most inner self.

It is precisely between two and four in the morning, during sleep, that secretion of serotonin by the pineal gland stops and gives way to the secretion of melatonin, which is good for the immune system, increases the quality of sleep, and has a positive effect on enthusiasm, good disposition, and good humour. This moment in our sleep is very important because it is a very yin, very calm, and very zen time of regeneration of the person. Insomnia often happens during this time period, between two and four in the morning.

Sometimes headaches and migraines happen during periods of insomnia.

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