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This is one of most common symptoms ever.

In terminology, we recognize infection by the suffix itis: colitis, phlebitis, conjunctivitis, hepatitis, encephalitis…etc.

An infection is the result of contact of bacteria, viruses, or toxins with our body. Often it involves fever, swelling, and pain.

There is inflammation, a condition whose name comes from the Latin flama, which means fire. We are burning.

The infection does not depend so much on the infectious agents that are always around, as it does on the condition of the body to receive them or not, and to coexist with them.

To live in a sterile environment is not a solution. It is important to understand what goes on in the person’s mind so that he feels attacked by agents, who after all, only attack certain people. Why this person?

The person who prefers to ignore conflicts at the conscious level runs the risk of having to face them in the form of physical symptoms. The body does not lie. The place where the infection takes place will give him an indication of where the conflict lies in his conscience. Speculating over our conflicts never keeps them from materializing in our bodies as symptoms, some more serious than others. It is necessary to verbalize them, to deal with them.

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