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Hypotension is another word for low blood pressure

Blood pressure - low

Published on Circulatory system.

Blood reflects the identity, the being. The walls of the blood vessels are the frontiers within which our incarnation into human beings takes place. It is natural for us to want to test the limits of these frontiers, the resistance of the blood vessels. The person with low blood pressure never tests these frontiers, never takes it to the limit. He greatly resists who he is and steers away from conflict. So, blood, too, holds back and often causes the patient to pass out. The person renounces his personal power, resigns from his responsibilities, and runs away. He shows lack of enthusiasm and courage. The individual is defeated in face of any challenge. This symptom is common among people who suffered from lack of love as children. They have a defeated attitude. “What good does it do, anyway?” The person who suffers from hypotension has an overly feminine behaviour, is excessively passive. He cancels himself out.

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