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Hoarseness is a condition of the larynx


Published on Breathing system.

The larynx is part of the breathing system. The previous segment, the pharynx, splits into the larynx, which carries air towards the lungs through the trachea (respiratory function), and the oesophagus, which carries food to the stomach (digestive function). The larynx is, therefore, the first organ of the respiratory system that is not shared with the digestive system. It is in the larynx that the vocal chords’ sound is produced. The larynx is connected with the female brain, yin. Laryngitis is a female conflict. The respiratory system is associated with relationships.

Through the larynx, the body exposes a person’s great fears. The vocal chords are located in the larynx and they can produce very high-pitch sounds. The role of females in nature is to alert the babies and call for protection, by producing loud sounds. Men, in general, do not suffer from laryngitis; they go directly on the offensive. Men materialize this conflict in the bronchi and their voice becomes stronger. When a baby cries, he produces high-pitch sounds. This touches men primarily, unless their brain is blocked.

In the case of aphonia (voice loss), the fear is so great that the best thing to do is stay very quiet to avoid calling the predator’s attention.

Hoarseness is a less serious phenomenon than aphonia. Hoarseness deals with regret over something said, or regret over not voicing something.

The person who is hoarse following a night of partying, of singing and drinking, must not consider hoarseness as a symptom. The body needs to find harmony following the previous excesses. This is nothing to cause alarm. However, if the person goes out night after night and then is hoarse every morning, hoarseness must be considered a symptom. In this case, it is a dependency associated with the need to go out and scream to establish some balance.

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