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Herpes can be of oral or genital type. Genital herpes may occur in the vagina or the penis. Herpes are associated with nervous issues and the skin. It happens in mucous skin areas, in the junction between the skin and the mucous area, commonly in the lips of the mouth and labia of the vagina, and the glans of the penis. These are the areas where contact is usually done with more gentleness. It indicates tension relatively to communication with the partner, whether husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Herpes is cultural. In a culture where contact is not expressed through kisses, there are no cases of oral herpes. The mucous represents my intimate self. I seek the kiss for myself. The mucous area (mainly the vagina) is the place where the woman momentarily lets her guard down and surrenders completely.

Herpes may be painful.

It is the illness of tender touch. It is typical of couples where both parties madly love each other but fight constantly. The person desperately wants to feel the touch, has a real ‘live wire’. However, when communication fails and the person spends too much time fighting, the body takes charge of exposing that conflict through herpes. Herpes are painful and ultimately makes kissing (in the mouth) or having sex impossible. Herpes shows that the physical relationship with the partner is difficult.

People with tendency to develop herpes are people who have trouble being alone and feeling love for themselves. They are addicted to love. Herpes shows self-inflicted violence in the relationship. If the person recurs to self-inflicted violence in the relationship, it is because he feels guilty about something. Well, in fact guilt does not exist. It is a total fabrication of a person’s mind.

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