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Hepatitis is a condition of the liver

Liver - hepatitis

Published on Digestive system.

Hepatitis is a condition that includes liver and gallbladder problems.

The biliary canals start in the liver.

Hepatitis illustrates a lack of discernment and sense of scarcity combined with great anger and rage. Anger and rage are associated with the gallbladder, not the liver. See Gallbladder.

Hepatitis A is of nutritious nature. It does not involve anger and rage. It is a conflict of food shortage, of nutritious nature. It may be a lack of nutrition in a literal sense (food) or figurative (affection) sense. It may be due to the fact that the person did not receive food alimony. It may also derive from lack of love which, in children, is a form of nourishment.

The infection is done through collective unconsciousness. It is the brain of the herd gone to work! It happens frequently to children who have very demanding parents and who are unable to truly love.

It is common for tension to be associated with the relationship with the biological Father or with a Mother if she displays very masculine behaviour.

Hepatitis B is a conflict of resentments due to a feeling of insufficiency. It may happen, for instance, when a person is disowned or rejected by the family or clan and feels great rage. It may also develop when a person loses his parents. Additionally, it may occur when a young person is kicked out of the house by the parents and feels resentment and rage. In this case, we have a situation that combines fear of insufficiency, lack of discernment, and also megalomania. The individual expected much more than what he got and, therefore, feels angered.

In this case, too, it is important to understand the relationship with the biologic Father.

Hepatitis C is a conflict of resentment associated with a feeling of scarcity and the fear of the unknown. It happened in the dark. Some information is kept hidden. It may be because the person left home, misses his children (scarcity, as we saw with the liver, may be affective as well as material) and is afraid of the unknown (it is a situation that the individual did not anticipate having to deal with). “I can’t live like this. What will happen to the children? I don’t deal well with the unknown.” Moreover, sometimes something unclear is going on.

Another instance is when this illness happens to children of unknown fathers. Hepatitis C is common in drug addicts. In fact, drug addicts do not live in the real world; they live in the unknown, in a different dimension. Drugs take them to that different, unknown dimension (see Drugs). They catch hepatitis C out of rage for their inability to reach (feeling of scarcity) that unknown dimension, that mysterious and obscure world, without having to use drugs.

Hepatitis C can also develop, for example, when a young drug addicted is kicked out of the house. The fact that he is kicked out, ostracized by the clan, may cause him to feel like he is facing a totally unknown situation. And this does not happen exclusively to drug addicts; it may happen to anyone.

In the case of hepatitis C, it is also important to find the male role model that the patient knew: Father, husband, male members of the clan.

See Liver.

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