Published on Locomotor system.

Feet represent contact with Mother-Earth. For this reason, in many cultures, people go about barefoot in order to feel the energy of the Earth, gravity and counter-gravity. Feet must be dynamic, as they reveal our awareness of being on Earth, of having incarnated. They allow us to walk on, in order to be able to progress and resist. Feet are the place where the dialogue between levitation and gravitation takes place. They are the world of our stances and of the affirmation of our attitudes. They represent our life’s criteria and the accomplishment of ideals. The heel is the basis of our steps. It is the beginning of the foot’s movement.

Heel problems indicate the person has difficulty moving, stepping on and imprinting energy in what concerns his roots: home, work, money and connection to the Earth or to the place where he lives and biological Mother. “Don’t let me go!”

In principle, the right foot reveals the yang (masculine) side, and the left foot reveals the yin (female) side, both in right and left-handed people. However, we must remember that we are talking about the locomotor system, and that the yin/yang polarity regarding the sides of the body in this system is not obvious. Problems in the yang heel indicate that the person does not trust his yang side, that is, his male model, and problems in the yin heel indicate that the person does not trust his yin side, that is, his female model, and that, for this reason, he felt afraid of doing things correctly at the level of the roots. They also reveal undervaluation regarding the family, the couple or work. In any case, feet problems always mean that the role of the biological Mother in the person’s life is weak. This may be due to the fact that the Mother annuls herself in the presence of the Father, or because the Mother did not allow the person to be properly fed and/or rooted. It is advisable to check the history of the women in the clan.

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