Published on Digestive system.

One of the functions of the stomach is to produce corrosive acids which attack the food, thus processing it. In the communication sense of the word, the stomach has the purpose of digesting one’s emotions.

When the emotional conflict is very active, the stomach requires increased amounts of gastric fluid in order to digest better. The person keeps on ruminating, going over and over again what has been done to him. On this occasion, the emotional tension makes him think: “Bastard, I can’t digest!”

The patient with a stomach condition does not like frontal communication. He is unable to deal with his anger and/or to transform it into aggression, that is to say, to change it into an acknowledged emotion, observed or even demonstrated (emotion comes from ex-movere, which means to move outwards). For this reason, he has to digest his bad temper, his anger, that is to say, to literally swallow up his bile. Then, he will feel the stomach acids under the form of heartburn, because the stomach, having had to digest all the emotion which did not ex-move, needs to produce more gastric fluid.

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