Heart - communication between auriculae

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During pregnancy, the subdivision of the heart between left and right side does not occur, because the baby lives in total unity with the Mother. It only occurs when the baby breathes for the first time after birth, which is when he is parted from the biological Mother and the dividing wall of the heart is closed forever.

If the symptom shown by the child is the communication between the two auriculae of the heart, which is not supposed to happen, then one should find out what happened at the time of the birth, during pregnancy or at the conception stage, and, at this point, look at the relationship between the Father and the Mother (see Babies). It is likely that the father annulled himself in the war between his wife (the baby’s Mother) and his mother (the baby’s grandmother and the wife’s mother in law), opting not to intervene.

If the occurrence of communication between the two auriculae occurs in an adult, it is likely that it happens to a woman. Then it becomes necessary to ascertain what is going

on (surely some sort of tension) between two women. Possibly, the situation between the mother in law and the woman should be looked at. In fact, the symptom of communication between auriculae is a typically feminine, yin symptom.

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