Published on Isolated symptoms.

The pain we feel in our head indicates that the way we live and think is not working for us, that the goals we pursue are not good for us and that we must put an end to obsession, insistence and fanaticism, and ask ourselves what it is we need to change in our lives.

The person who feels pain in the frontal part of the head, is annoyed. It often happens that the person feels fine and when he gets to work starts feeling this huge pain in the frontal part of the head, or gets home and feels the same. This means that the person is unable to be himself in those places and amidst those people. He is merely playing a role and has a false behaviour. The person is very annoyed. In short, headaches represent the misalignment between the balance of our inner life and our everyday life. Headaches in the temples and even in the eyes are often associated to incapacity to express one’s feelings (anger?) to someone and also incapacity to deal with certain situations. Aches on the top of the head, extending over the occipital zone, denote difficulty to understand something that has already happened or is taking place. Pain on top of the head is associated to the so-called violet chakra, or crown chakra, and is connected with desires, fears or intuitions. The person is feeling things he does not understand or which upset him. It is likely that something will happen soon in his closest surroundings. When the person finds out what it is, the headache disappears. We are not referring to headaches provoked by brain tumor. There are many headaches that vanish when people vomit or even have an orgasm. These are called migraines.

See Migraines.

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