Haemorrhages - capillary or vascular

Published on Circulatory system.

All blood loss represents an adversity and a lack of self-respect. A capillary haemorrhage shows an excessively demanding attitude with yourself and others. In any case, it indicates an unconscious lack of happiness. Haemorrhages may happen in many parts of the body, like in the brain, for instance. They occur when blood vessels burst. Capillary weaknesses indicate poor self-esteem in social occasions and when dealing with others. Vascular weakness must be interpreted in function of the part of the body where it takes place. If it happens in the brain, we have an extremely intellectual person, very Cartesian. If it happens in the reproductive organs, we are in the presence of a woman who cancels herself out as a woman. If it happens in the arteries and/or the upper part of the body, it results from an excessively yang behaviour, excessively controlling, excessively warlike, masculine, Cartesian, and mind oriented.

If it happens in the veins and/or lower parts of the body, it results from an excessively yin behaviour, excessively passive, excessively self-denying, feminine, helpless, as well as Cartesian and mind oriented.

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