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Glaucoma is a condition of the eyes

Eyes - glaucoma

Published on Vision.

Glaucoma is always known as the green cataract, to distinguish it from the common cataract, also called grey cataract. This is caused by hypertension in the eye. The internal ocular pressure increases.

Eyes turn red. The destruction of the eye has begun. This is an ophthalmologic urgency and a painful symptom.

The eye acts as a magnifying lens. The person focuses, concentrating the rays of light. In this particular case, the person experiences a progressive contraction of his field of vision until he reaches a tubular vision, losing his vision of the whole. He can only see the area he is focusing on. Glaucoma denotes the person’s obsessive fear of not being able to attain the (that) goal on time.

The person projects the solution over himself with great intensity, in a situation he perceives as excessively dangerous. He ends up seeking refuge in his lack of sight.

This is a creepy attitude, since no objective can be so important to make it necessary to go blind on its account. What is more dangerous then? Not to attain the goal or to go blind?

The person who is prone to developing glaucoma feels great insecurity and stubbornness with matter-related things. He is a person who needs to take his foot off the accelerator and go over his life. His priorities are completely reversed. The person is caught in a vicious circle of extremely yang, fighting behaviour. This yang behaviour is due to the major insecurity the person is feeling.

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