Published on Reproductive system.

The glans is the head of the penis


Published on Reproductive system.

In animals, the penis denotes power and usefulness. Not in the social sense of the word, but as a means to procreate and ensure the preservation and survival of the species. Functional problems in the penis represent lack of capacity to stress masculinity.

Nowadays, the penis is increasingly given a social meaning that does not make any sense. It is often said that the size of the penis denotes more power. The penis shows masculine power, but not more power than that held by somebody else. Actually, when it comes to sexual intercourse, the size of the penis only matters to those who have a sexual dependency, and who are under the illusion that sex will fill the void in their lives. For this reason, in their view, the bigger the penis, the greater their power to dominate is (See sex – addiction. Problems in the glans are associated to tensions allied to a feeling of uselessness, sexual frustration or problems communicating with his partner. Above all, they indicate a connection with the biological Mother (the umbilical cord has not yet been cut and the person is still dependant on the biological Mother).

Problems in the fraenulum often cause pain. Problems on the fold strangulate the head of the erected penis, making the act somehow clumsy and often painful. They unveil a guilt complex. These are issues that come from birth. They are related to the person’s build. For this reason, the person should be asked why he was born with a guilt complex regarding sexual intercourse. Who in his family, Father, Grandfather, had beliefs that punished sex? This person must be aware of this issue. In any case, this problem is easily solved with surgery.

In fact, circumcision, either in young men or adults, indicates the definite cut with the umbilical cord, something the person had been unable to do earlier” It indicates the person is taking a new route in his life.

Glans herpes may be painful. This is a disease provoked by contact with tenderness. It is characteristic of couples that adore each other but are permanently quarrelling. The person wants to contact intensely, the nerve is very much alive, but then, as the relationship does not work properly and the person spends a lot of time quarrelling, the body shows that fighting through herpes, which is painful and hampers sexual intercourse. Herpes reveals that the contact relationship with the other person is painful. People who are prone to having herpes are people who have difficulty being on their own and being tender with themselves. They are depend on love. Herpes shows there is self-inflicted violence in the relationship. If the person is violent to himself in the relationship, this means he feels guilty about something.

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