Glandular fever

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Glandular fever is the other word for Mononucleosis


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This disease shows the same symptoms as leukaemia, but it is much less intense and not cancer-related.

It only affects the lymphatic system, not the bone marrow, which means that the affected structures are not as basic. It can sometimes lead to hepatic conditions.

It is often called the kissing disease. It occurs more frequently amongst teenagers, although it may affect adults. It is the result of temporary reduction of self-esteem, due to a guilt feeling about something that has taken place. It shows itself when the young person feels remorse about jumping from relationship to relationship and feels an immense guilt tension. The youth is punishing himself.

He has put the other person first and stopped caring about himself.

When it affects adults, it could be because he feels angry for not receiving love or recognition. In any case, in adults, his partner and the relationship between the couple are at stake here.

The adult suffering from mononucleosis wants to hide his tension, the anger he is experiencing for not being recognised, and so the body exposes this to him. The adult has the illusion of being able to hide his feelings from his body.

Young people accept the causes for mononucleosis much more easily than adults. Adults stick to their guilt pattern much more deeply.

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