General paralysis

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Technically speaking, this is a meningoencephalic problem (affecting the meninges and the brain).

This causes neurological and psychic disturbances. It is normally progressive.

Meninges are a set of membranes covering the brain and the spinal marrow.

This is where tensions with the immediate surroundings, with close ones, are located. This is mostly with the Father figure, or the male model. Communication with the outside does not work. The person does not understand, and is not understood. It denotes major isolation.

General paralysis shows to the person that he must stop, that he cannot go on like this. This is a massive self-inflicted violence. It reflects the person’s enormous difficulty understanding the meaning of authority.

General paralysis is the result of an excessively Cartesian life, too remote from its sensitive side and denotes fears regarding the ability to control everything and everybody. This is the product of a very yang, warrior and masculine behaviour. This results from problems related to humbleness. The person convinces himself that his ideas are correct; he becomes very stubborn about it and is unaware of the major consequences that this type of thinking will bring. However, he is a person who feels sad and alone. Contradictions in his life were simply too strong for him. And the body put a stop on his locomotor system.

This results from the repetition of an excessively masculine and Cartesian thinking pattern running in the family. This results from the feeling the person felt from all of those who did not agree with his ideas and thinking.

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