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A person suffering from gastroenteritis felt a tension associated with the emotion of losing everything at one time. This ‘everything’ is subjective. ‘Everything’ may be an exaggeration, but that is how the person perceives what he experienced. In reality, it may be a relationship, a dear person, or money, and the person feels that it is not worth living like this. It is a sensation of momentary collapse, but a very intense one.

When the process is individual, we have a person suffering from gastroenteritis. When the process is collective, we are confronted with an epidemic of cholera, which presents the same symptoms but with much greater intensity. Here, with cholera, we are not talking about a subjective feeling, no, here, it is very objective, since it usually follows great cataclysms.

The person who suffers from gastroenteritis has problems in the stomach and in the bowels. Food is compulsively expelled through the mouth by vomiting and through the anus as diarrhea. The body shows the person the sensation of losing everything and so gets rid of everything through its openings.

The stomach is associated with the digestion of emotions, namely in what concerns roots (home, money, work, place where we live, close friends and relatives, and biological Mother).

The small bowel is associated with discernment. The person expels without telling what is good from what is bad. In the small bowel, like in the stomach, tensions are related to roots, close relatives and friends.

Gastroenteritis may result from food poisoning, which is usually an isolated incident but which does not happen by accident. Food poisoning shows a great lack of dietary balance on the part of the person, and, consequently, a great imbalance at the level of his roots, his position in the world, and the people he associates with and why.

Sometimes food poisoning happens to a group of people, which shows that they feel similar tensions in their minds, though individual reasons may differ.

Besides, there is always someone in the group who is not affected. Why? Because he does not feel the same tensions in his mind, does not feel the same as the others. So, he escapes the poisoning. Food poisoning, in fact, is not an accident but rather the result of a joint creation. It is important to ask yourself: “Who tried to poison me? Who bought the snacks that made me so sick? Who chose this restaurant? How did I feel prior to joining them for dinner? Did I go against my will? Why was I there, in that place, on that day, with those people?

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