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Hepatitis indicates a joint problem involving the liver and the gallbladder. The bile ducts start in the liver. Hepatitis denotes a feeling of discernment and need associated to huge anger and resentment. Resentment and rage are associated to the gallbladder and not to the liver (see Gallbladder).

Hepatitis A is food-related. Rage and resentment play no role here. This is a shortage of food, a nutritional conflict (feeling of lacking). It could relate to actual lack of food or virtual undernourishment (under affection).

It could be, for instance, because the person did not receive his alimony.

The infection is done through the collective subconscious. This is the brain of the herd working on. It is quite commonly found in children who have a very demanding Father or Mother who are unable of truly loving them.

This tension is frequently associated to the biological Father or to a Mother with a very masculine behaviour.

Hepatitis B is a conflict of anger that originates in a feeling of lacking. For instance, it could happen when the person is disinherited or excluded from the group, from the clan, and feels angry. Or, for instance, when the person loses his parents, or when the young person who is kicked out of the house by his parents feels anger and resentment. The fear of lacking, the lack of discernment and a certain share of megalomania come together here. The person was expecting a lot more than what he ended up receiving. And, accordingly, he feels enraged.

Hepatitis C is a conflict of resentment associated to the sensation of lacking and to the unknown. It happened in the dark. Some information has been hidden. This may be because the person left home and misses the children (the feeling of lacking the children’s love can be quite effective, it does not have to be just material, as we have seen with Liver), and is afraid of the unknown (this is a situation the person never thought she would go through). “I do not know how to live like this. What will happen to the kids? I do not handle what I do not know well!” Sometimes, to make things even worse, something unclear has happened.

Another example is provided by the person who was born to an unknown father. Hepatitis C is common amongst drug-addicts. In fact, drug-addicts do not live in the real world; they live in the unknown, in another dimension. Drugs provide them with that different, unknown dimension (see Drugs – addiction). They catch Hepatitis C out of anger and because they are unable to access (feeling of lacking) that other dark, occult, unknown world in a different dimension, without having to resort to drugs.

Hepatitis C can also be caught when a young drug-addict is kicked out of the family. The fact he was kicked out, or marginalised by the clan, may force the person to face a totally unknown situation. This does not have to happen just to drug-addicts. It may happen to anyone.

In the case of Hepatitis C, it is important to find the male model that the person has met: Father, husband, men of the clan. Here lies the root of the problem.

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