Published on Reproductive system.

A person who suffers from frigidity is a person who is afraid of losing control. It is a calculating and intellectual individual. This person does not want to lose self-control and lend himself to pleasure. Frigidity is characteristic of someone who lives a very structured life and is centred on his ego.

In our society, emotions are often punished. This is particularly true for emotions associated with sexuality, emotions that are all but forbidden in certain segments of our society. Religion and controlling families with overly structured routines try to convince their members that sex is only for procreation.

The frigid person is someone who does not know how to experience his body. He is very analytical and controlling. This is a person who probably suffers from other physical symptoms because the sexual impulse and emotions associated with it are great stress releasers, but the frigid individual does not take advantage of them. He is tense and does not allow himself to enjoy those moments. The fact that he does not allow himself to experience emotions in full may lead to several blockages and other symptoms.

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