Friedreich’s Disease

Published on Locomotor system, Nervous system.

The so called Friedreich ataxia is characterized by difficulty in coordinating movements, associated to other neurological signs (loss of reflexes, reduced deep sensibility), pes cavus (hollow claw feet), scoliosis, myocardiopathy and, sometimes, diabetes. It would take too long to explain the meaning of all of these symptoms. They are explained in detailed form in Myopathy, Pes Cavus, Diabetes, Scoliosis.

This condition, although rare, occurs more frequently in children and adolescents. It is directly and intensely connected to the relationship between that person’s parents and also between the individual in question and his Father and the individual and his Mother. The incarnation on Earth project was violated, adulterated, in short, to be born was a deceit. However, the individual is not aware of all the tensions that run through his conscience.

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