Published on Isolated symptoms.

The body reacts by expelling the excess of toxins, fatigue, and tension. It is more common in the autumn and onset of spring. It also means that the person has more trouble protecting himself from the outer world. In other words, the person is not focused. He feels strong inner tensions that weaken him and make him more susceptible to adverse climatic conditions. Flu is associated with psychological tensions at home and in the workplace.

Fever is beneficial because it is the way the body lets you know that it is burning. Our obsession to lower the fever has severe risks as it keep us from understanding what our conscience is desperately telling through this symptom. To lower the fever artificially is to have the illusion of lowering conflicts in our conscience.

We may consider giving an aspirin, but not without first talking to the person about what makes him burn in life. It is likely that tensions are related to home or work life.

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