Published on Locomotor system.

Fingers have multiple purposes. To get hold of (grab); communicate (write, signal, call for attention, prevent, call for silence, point to people and things, accuse); to express emotions (to hold, cuddle); to play a musical instrument, scratch….

Fingers are real tools. We could sum it up and say that fingers are meant to handle delicate things and to maintain what we have managed to obtain.

However, fingers without hands are not useful, and hands without fingers are not, either. For this reason, they should be examined together.

Problems affecting hands and fingers expose people who believe they are not worthy of what they receive, of what they get. It also depicts indelicate people.

There is not always a common denominator regarding the yin/yang polarity of fingers when it comes to the locomotor system (bones and muscles). However, it is good to assume that, both for left and right-handed people, fingers on the right hand are yang (masculine) and those on the left are yin (feminine).

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