Fingers - warts

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Warts are rough parts of the skin confined to a small area.

This is a symptom of frustration and undervaluing. It is related to the skin and the nervous system.

The person feels undervaluing and frustration because he has a need to please others as well as himself. Therefore, he is a person who is always comparing himself to others and who becomes very competitive. This individual has poor self-esteem and he allows himself to be influenced by issues related to image.

A wart may take years to show up.

Let us look at one example.

At school, the teacher is critical of a child’s writing. And the child concludes that his fingers are writing words badly. “I realize that my fingers do not write correctly.” And the child develops warts in his fingers. The child will seek perfection, in order to escape the likely bad grade he will receive and which he fears may undervalue him. This is a non-conscious phenomenon. It is important that the child is talked to and encouraged to verbalize his undervaluing, namely through communication with the individual involved. This person should be helped because he is not aware of his undervaluing tension, nor of his inability to communicate and will probably say he has never felt anything.

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