Femoral head

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The femoral head is one of the bones of the hip joints. The other one is the iliac bone. This is the bone we use when we push the cupboard or the fridge. This bone fractures, often, in old people who feel under pressure by their children and, for this reason, undervalued. The individual’s strong sense of undervaluing is centred on the bones.

Problems associated with femoral head decalcification, fractures of the femoral head or of the femur indicate a major feeling of undervaluing and that the person’s foundations have been completely shaken.

Femoral head problems are particular to very determined people, but also to people who are obsessed with the same everyday beliefs. They expose inflexibility and undervaluing.

In the animal world, there is one example of lesion of the femoral head. It occurs with male muskoxen in Canada (they have pre-historical origins) at the mating season, when they fight for leadership of the herd. Lower head crashes are extremely violent, and their legs have to withstand a tremendous weight in order to keep on pushing as hard as possible. The losing male feels strongly undervalued, and he ends up with a major decalcification of the femoral head. With time, the male will slowly recover from the lesion. A stronger and more resistant bone callosity is formed, which will allow him to dispute the leadership with a rival the following year. This repetitive, animal, instinctive and determined process is very yang, very masculine.

Femoral head or femur lesion means a serious blow for any person. In this case, the body requires that the person breaks with a belief from the past and that he changes. The body asks for flexibility. The fracture is normally the result of a dynamic activity. It happens to hyperactive people. The body says: “Stop, go a different way”. However, it is also a characteristic of older people, who, as we have seen earlier, feel undervalued.

Femur or femoral head problems literally require that people reflect on the way they are leading their lives. To act like the ox and to show too much determination and stubbornness with the same everlasting beliefs is not an act of intelligence. A person who fractures a bone is a person who has become too stiff and inflexible regarding what was going on, and did not manage to get what he wanted, thus feeling very undervalued.

Should the problem affect the hip joint, see Hips.

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