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Feet represent our contact with Mother Earth. For this reason, in many cultures, people go barefoot in order to feel the Earth’s energy, and to feel gravity and counter gravity. Feet must be dynamic. They show our awareness of being on Earth, of having incarnated. They allow us to walk on and to endure. They are the place for dialogue between levitation and gravitation. The feet are where the world of our stances and affirmation of our attitudes is located. Feet represent our life criteria and the fulfilment of ideals.

Children who are born with malformations in their feet are children who find it difficult to incarnate and to have contact with earth. See child delivery, in this particular case. People who have cold feet are people who experience difficulty in carrying things out. It denotes fear of not doing things correctly root-wise (home, work, money, connection to the area or place where one lives, to the biological Mother). Life does not reach those parts of the body.

There is no certainty if one foot is yang (masculine) and the other is yin (feminine). Nevertheless, it can be said, a priori, that in most cases the right foot is yang, masculine and the left foot is yin, feminine. This applies both to right and left-handed people. In any case, problems in the feet always indicate that the role of the biological Mother in the person’s life is weak. This could be due to the fact that the Mother cancels herself off in the presence of the Father, or because the Mother did not feed the person properly, or did not allow him to have a good rooting. It is advisable to look at the history of women in the clan.

Problems in the feet can take place in the Bones, Joints or Skin. Bone-related problems show strong undervaluation. If they occur in the joints, it is a sign of lack of mental flexibility and undervaluation. If it affects the skin, it shows separation-related tensions or difficulty communicating with someone.

If a person has sweaty feet and, accordingly, his feet smell strongly, see Perspiration.

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