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Fear, as opposed to anger, makes one think the other person may attack us. Accordingly, the sympathetic nervous system prepares itself to run away. In this case, contrary to what occurs with the energy brought about by anger, which moves up to the scapular waist (shoulders and neck), the energy brought about by fear goes down to the lower limbs. Legs get ready to run away! The fact that the person may have to run a lot may lead him to empty his sacs of urine and faeces in order to run faster. This is the reason why fear may lead to urinary or bowel incontinence. If escaping is not an option, energy will become trapped halfway down the back, putting weight on the anus and on the urethra, and often on the eyes too.

Deep fear, which is fear connected to a sensation of danger, which has extremely severe consequences, is directly linked to the kidneys.

Problems in the bladder are caused by stress. Kidneys problems are provoked by obsessive fear.

If fear is repressed, it may lead to rage and anger, or even panic.

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