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In fact, depending on the mother tongue, some people use the expression far-sightedness, others hypermetropia or hyperopia.

The person who has farsightedness sees very well at distance and sees not well at short distances. Farsightedness is the opposite of nearsightedness (myopia). In the case of farsightedness, danger is far away. It is in the future.

Sentinels, for example, may develop farsightedness. They look out for danger that is at a distance.

A farsighted person’s neck is bent to the front, as opposed to the myopic person, whose neck muscles are contracted, very stiff. His head falls down as if it was a small hump. The hypermetropic person needs to be calm in order to see correctly. The person whom wishes to see well at a distance needs to remain calm.

The farsighted person is constantly worrying about the possibility of having to change. A change is always possible. He is constantly on guard, like the sentinel. The nearsighted person, on the contrary, does not have the time to react when danger strikes. The farsighted person is able to see danger from far. The farsighted person has too much future in his life. He lives anxiously.

The farsighted person lives in constant apprehension, anxiously, because he fears being caught. For this reason, he is said to have too much future in his life. He does not like surprises at all. He is always on guard, so that he knows how to deal with them.

As for the nearsighted person, he has too much past in his life. He lives in fear.

The nearsighted person is afraid. He has been caught before. This must not happen again. This is why he is said to have too much past in his life.

The farsighted person is watchful, so that he knows where (future) danger may come from. He is anxious.

For the nearsighted person, danger is immediate. The present is dangerous. He lives in constant fear.

Farsightedness should not be mistaken with presbyopia(tired eyes). The presbyopic person needs to distance himself and do an overview of his life.

In my experience, many people have managed to cure nearsightedness. These are mostly young people. Getting rid of Farsightedness is much more complex.

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