Fallopian Tube

Published on Reproductive system.

The egg leaves the ovary and is brought down to the womb (uterus) via the fallopian tube. Infection in a fallopian tube may lead to obstruction. This is a blockage of the person’s femininity in her genital function. This is not necessarily linked to sex or sexual intercourse, it is mostly associated to tension, conflict or even major aggression that the person is experiencing in her relationship with someone. This person feels attacked and the aggression she feels, almost always in verbal form, in the form of communication, may come from a man or a woman. Nevertheless, it is more likely that it comes from a man, or from a very masculine, warrior, yang woman. In other words, from someone who symbolises a male, the masculine model. Infected fallopian tubes may lead to small loss of blood.

Blockage or infection in one fallopian tube may not necessarily prevent child conception. It is possible to conceive a baby when only one tube is operational.

There is no concrete reason to state which of the tubes is yin, feminine, or yang, masculine. When carrying out a diagnostic, it is advisable to consider the right tube to be yang and the left tube to be yin. This applies both to left and right-handed women. However, this is not a certainty.

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