Eyes - opacity in the middle of the eye

Published on Vision.

On the one hand, the eyes have rods (small sticks) that specialize in seeing in the dark and light. They are located in the side part of the eye. In the animal world, preys have eyes on the side.

On the other hand, eyes have cones, placed in the middle of the eye and they account for very precise vision. Predators have this type of eyesight.

Human beings’ mental problem, in today’s society, is that they are tought not to be squashed and, therefore, to become predators. Society has decided that a person needs to be successful at any cost, otherwise he will be crushed.

People who follow this society’s programme can only see what is right in front of their eyes (cones). And they have poor sight at dusk (the rods do not work).

The person is afraid of the dark. He only wishes to live in brightness, in the light.

The person suffering from opacities in the middle of the eye and who can only resort to lateral vision is a person to whom the body is saying: “You have been too yang, too much of a predator. Stop being so yang.”

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