Eyes - conjunctivitis

Published on Vision.

Conjunctivitis only eases off when we close our eyes. The eyes are hurt, inflamed. This is the body showing us the presence of a conflict that is hurting us and to which we close our eyes, in other words, which we do not want to face. This tension is the result of something the person saw that disgusted him, looked unclean to him. It is necessary to clean up. It is necessary to wash off what one saw.

The person has difficulty accepting and loosening up, finds it difficult to focus. The sun represents authority and people who develop conjunctivitis when exposed to the sun denote problems with authority.

The wind represents communication and people who develop conjunctivitis have difficulty communicating when exposed to the wind.

There is also allergic conjunctivitis. This condition is provoked by an allergy. If this is the case, see Allergies

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