Eyes - cataracts

Published on Vision.

Cataracts cloud the crystalline lens of the eye and blur vision. Seeing things clearly becomes difficult. And what we can see with some clarity looks sharp, blunt, and aggressive.

The person draws a curtain so that he does not see what upsets him. The person falls under the illusion he is keeping danger at bay. This, however, is dangerous, as it can lead to blindness.

There is loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens. It happens to elderly people. As their presbyopia develops, they start to take things at a distance. But now they feel powerless in the face of death. This could be physical death or death of a cycle in their lives. For this reason, they draw the curtain, and cataracts develop.

This is a fatal outcome. I do understand, but I do not wish to see. The person may feel: “My children no longer want to be with me”, or “I cannot stand being with my husband/wife any longer”.

The person draws a curtain to reality; he puts a veil over himself. He does not deform things, but resigns himself to them. These are normally discerning people on their way to reaching wisdom but who cannot sublimate the feeling of danger. They believe they cannot fail.

Cataract surgery removes the crystalline lens but this does not resolve the tension, only the effect. Therefore, the conflict will probably extend to another part of the body.

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