Eyes - blindness

Published on Vision.

Blindness is the ultimate, extremely traumatizing, indication that a very mentally oriented, rational person has refused to look at reality other than the one he created for himself. For this reason, the body makes him look inwards. This could be, for instance, via a glaucoma or a cataract, even via an accident. It is very difficult to explain this type of tension to a person who has turned blind. Blindness from birth is associated to the relationship between the parents. It is not as traumatic as blindness that develops through life, because the person has never experienced the sense of vision. The child who was born blind is a child who came to work on his other senses, particularly intuition.

Blindness can occur following an immense spiritual elevation, whereby the person totally renounces his body and, consequently, his vision, given that intuition is his compass in life.

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