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Esophagus is a synonym of oesophagus


Published on Digestive system.

The oesophagus makes up the third segment of the digestive system. The pharynx, the previous segment, splits into the larynx, which extends towards the bronchi (respiratory function), and the oesophagus, which carries food to the stomach.

The first third of the oesophagus is associated with the communication domain. It has more to do with what someone else said or did than with the digestive domain. The remaining two-thirds have more to do with the digestive domain. Oesophagus related problems tend to be in the first segment. Here we are entirely in the realm of social conflict and communication with the outside.

When a problem with the first third occurs, people do not even want to digest the problem. So, the person does not allow the problem to come in. “What she told me stays here, it doesn’t go down. I refuse to swallow it”. In this case, the tension comes out like: “You bastard, I don’t even want to digest that!”

In the case of cancer of the oesophagus, the person feels tremendous violence over what people did to him and that tension literally translates into a blockage of the oesophagus. The body expresses what he feels. Nothing goes down. The oesophagus is blocked. The individual is unable to verbalize the intensity of how he feels about what was done to him and literally refuses to feed himself, because, if he did, he would be forced to digest the impossible. Oesophagus cancer is extremely hard. In fact, the person is not able to eat, loses much weight, starves, and ends up dying after much suffering.

Nutrition is associated with the biological Mother. So, the tension related with cancer of this first third of the oesophagus has to do with the relationship of the patient with his mother, or the female role model in his family.

For any problem in the last two-thirds of the oesophagus, see Stomach, since the tension is the same that causes stomach problems. In this case, the person allows things to come in but is unable to digest.

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